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Translating Classical Buddhism to Modern English

The Related Discourses

(Skt. Saṃyukta Āgama; Ch. 雜阿含經)

The Related Discources was translated to Chinese by Guṇabhadra and Baoyun sometime between 435-443 CE. The text as it has survived in the Taisho Daizokyo consists of 1,362 individually numbered sutras, although the abbreviated sutras were largely left unnumbered. The text spans 50 fascicles and 373 pages of Taisho volume 2.

The divisions and groups of sutras listed below are based on a reconstruction by Chinese scholar and Dharma teacher Ven. Yinshun. The sutra titles are my own, chosen simply to represent the topics they address. I’ve also taken the liberty to reconstitute the abbreviated sutras rather than reproduce the summary descriptions found in the original Chinese.

The Pali equivalent is the Saṃyutta Nikāya (SN), and the two collections do overlap extensively. Like SN, the Related Discourses consists of several parts (varga) that consist of one or more thematically related groups (saṃyukta) of sutras. I’ve listed Pali sutta groups in parentheses when they parallel a Chinese sutra group closely.

Part I: The Five Aggregates

1. The Aggregates (cf. SN 22: Khadhasaṃyutta)

Part II: The Six Sense Bases

2. The Sense Bases

Part III: Causation

3. Causation

4. The Truths

5. The Elements

6. Feeling

Part IV: The Path

7. The Abodes of Mindfulness

8. Right Effort (lost)

9. Miraculous Powers (lost)

10. Faculties

11. Powers

12. Factors of Awakening

13. The Factors of the Noble Path (cf. SN 45: Maggasaṃyutta)

14. Mindfulness of Breathing

15. The Learner

16. Unbroken Faith

Part V: The Eight Assemblies

17. Monks

18. Māra

19. Śakra

20. Aristocrats

21. Priests

22. Brahma

23. Nuns

24. Vaṇgīsa

25. Lesser Gods

26. Yakṣa

27. Forests

Part VI: The Teachings by Disciples

28. Śāriputra

29. Maudgalyāyana

30. Aniruddha

31. Mahākātyāyana

32. Ānanda

33. Citrā

Part VII: The Teachings by the Tathāgata

34. Radha


36. Ending

37. Heaven

38. Realization

39. Sense Bases, Elements, and Aggregates

40. Unbroken Faith

41. Mahākāśyapa

42. Village Leaders

43. Horses

44. Mahānāman

45. Beginningless

46. Vatsagotra

47. Heretics and Wanderers

48. Defilements

49. Parables

50. Illness

51. Fruits of Deeds